Who are we?

@thycommodore & @flexxchapman are the founders & are looking for many more to join us.


  • Childhood friends
  • Over 10 years of web2 startup experience
  • 3 companies founded
  • 2 exits (recent $100m exit)
  • Popular DAO governance podcast
  • Lifelong NBA fans
  • A shared passion to eventually own a NBA team

It always seemed that the best way to buy a NBA team was to build a >$10b organization, hold on to >10% of the company, sell, and buy a NBA team.

We started sharing our vision with like minded people & realized that building a DAO to organize, fundraise, & manage a NBA team is a new never-before-seen path to ownership.

The best part? We can do this together. We all can become co-owners and share in the operation of running a NBA team.