Build Community → Build Treasury → Buy Minority Position → Buy Majority Position 👆


Outline the Krause House's strategy to achieve its goal of owning an NBA team.


Take the most direct path towards our goal. Be audacious, be bold, be successful. There are two prerequisites required: a treasury large enough to purchase a team & enough trust to get approved as an owner.

Generate funds

Prerequisites: a large & engaged community with a valuable token.

Prove trustworthiness

A bettable track record & governance process to empower a DAO to exist as an NBA owner.



  1. Build the community
  2. Build treasury
  3. Buy minority position
  4. Buy majority position

1. Build the community

Requirements: Engaged, sizeable, & fair community.

Solutions: Great content, great people, & great projects. A governance framework that allows for fairness meritocracy that instills trust from the community.

2. Build treasury

Requirements: To achieve our next milestone we'll need at least $20m available to be liquidated into a minority ownership position.

Solutions: Tokensale. Additionally, but not limited to: NFTs, dapps, products, or services.

3. Buy minority position

Requirements: Trustworthy reputation, & a governance process for executing minority ownership tasks.

Solutions: Participation in NBA Cares, communication with ownership gatekeepers, emulate approach paved by private equity firms.

4. Buy majority position

Requirements: Treasury has grown to $2b, a process to liquidate funds to acquire ownership stake, success as a minority owner.

Solutions: DAO ownership increases number of fans, Krause House attracts further investment,


  • Be bold, build a direct path to our vision.
  • Avoid massive time & money pits that aren't directly in support of mission.
  • Be wary of projects that are end-arounds to our goal.