Onboarding Project

We're in pursuit for a best-in-class onboarding experience for new Krause House members.

Here's some of the projects we're working on

Onboarding Call Slide Deck:

  • Index Coop has a great process for Onboarding. They have a weekly call for newcomers where they explain what they do and how to get involved. Check out there slide deck.

Hosting Orientation Calls

Updating the Discord server to be more intuitive for new & existing members

Develop risk-free bounties for new members

NFT POAP for the Onboarding Project

Create a "Starter Pack" for projects to self organize next season (maybe the Kanban template below??)

Update the Agent Toolbox for Agents to help with onboarding & matchmake members to projects

Here's our Kanban Board. Feel free to assign yourself tasks by clicking into a card.

Reach out to mario lopes in Discord for more details.