Onboarding FAQ

What is a season?

We organize our work into 2 month cycles. T-Mac season (#1) ends on Nov 1st. Anyone can contribute to a project at any moment.

Can I contribute part-time?

Yes! You can also drop in and out. All we ask is that you don't overcommit and underdeliver. We're all about quality over quantity. It's exciting to get involved and easier to get carried away about what you can manage. The best way to build a reputation is to be reliable.

I don't know anything about crypto or DAOs..?

No problem, most roles won't be working directly with crypto, and you'll pick up the DAO stuff along the way. For example, we have an endless need for design work, community management and facilitation. If you're passionate about our mission, willing to contribute, and are a team player, we're here to find a role for you.

‌Here's a list of skills we're always looking for:

How can I help?

I love the mission, but I'm not sure where I can help. What should I do?

Review our projects in T-Mac season (#1). This will walk you through our ongoing projects and what we're looking to do next. Once you do that, join our Discord and say hi to one of our Agents and they'll help guide you.