Pelicans Bid

Pelicans Bid


Put forth a realistic bid to present via a open letter to Gayle Benson to purchase a position in the New Orleans Pelicans.

Key Results

  • A thoughtfully crafted post on our Mirror explaining the extent of of our bid
    • Most likely in the ~1000+ word camp (2 pages)
    • Normie hook / framing (Dear Gayle?)
      • Anti-Goal: Crypto-native terminology & context.
    • Pragmatic addressing of challenging issues (like legal)

Bonus Results

  • >2 community leaders or non-profits signing a non-binding letter of intent supporting us
  • >2 local publications covering our bid
    • Podcasts & or small blogs worth 0.5 a publication
  • >2 national publications covering our bid (r/NBA, The Athletic, similar)
  • Connecting with Gayle's team to explain it more deeply

Running Point