How can I help?

Not sure where you can help? Here's a start.

Reach out by Discord if you're interested in helping out.

🎨 Designers

  • Contribute design assets.
  • Create new KrauseHouse logos.
  • Sketch designs for our sites!
  • Create designs for merch!
  • Wireframe dapp interfaces!

🧞‍♂️ Community Wizards

  • Facilitate community calls and events.
  • Help greet and orient newcomers in our intros channel.
  • Invite guests to community hangouts and our podcast.
  • Manage engagement on other social media platforms like Reddit.

✒️ Writers

  • Share you experience, excitement, and vision for KrauseHouse.
  • Draft content for our Mirror blog.
  • Help teams communicate with the rest of the community.

🧙🏽‍♀️ Web3 Natives

  • Research and report back on tooling we can use to organize better!
  • Imagine new NFT collections and experiences!
  • Propose a new system or mechanism to reward contributors.

👩🏻‍💻 Media

  • Promote KrauseHouse.
  • Get Flex and Commodore on your favorite podcasts!
  • Share Krause House with high value contributors, influencers, ballers, stars, celebs.

🧝‍♂️ Visionaries

  • Create and manage an Idea Bank for KrauseHouse futures.
  • Draft up your ideas as depth and gather up support.
  • Create video content for KrauseHouse

🥷 Workflow Gurus

  • Help us figure out how teams can be more effortlessly transparent.
  • Implement a DAO-based reminder system.
  • Research and report back on how other DAOs are successfully organizing.

🎥 Producers

  • Create video content for KrauseHouse.
  • Compose meeting recordings into KrauseHouse highlight / recap videos.