Midseason Coordinape Circle — October 11 - 15

Midseason Coordinape Circle — October 11 - 15

🚨 Must Read

Anyone with Hall-of-Famer Discord role will be able to give.

Projects will be responsible for allocating tokens amongst themselves.

Only projects/teams will be able to receive.

  • The House has begun to turn into a village and keeping up with the great work has become a full-time job.
  • Therefore, we will be giving to Teams / Projects.  This lets us flow value without knowing who did how much in every single project.
  • If you're a single person team, that's ok!  The point here is to make it incredibly easy for givers to allocate.

🚂 Get Started:

Hall-of-Famers (Givers)
Contributors (Projects / Teams)


What are the exact dates?
  • Starts: 12am EST October 11
  • Ends: 12am EST October 16
How do I sign up?
  • Givers should follow instructions here.
  • Projects should follow instructions here.
Why can only projects receive?
  • This Circle is meant to help the DAO keep track of its priorities and fund them accordingly. To do so, the fundamental primitive are projects / initiatives.
  • We will be announcing more rewards for individuals, so don't you worry! If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to eli_.
I don't understand how to use Coordinape...
  • Don't worry, just try poking around in the interface and ask us if you get stuck anywhere. You can change your votes until the voting is over, so there's nothing to worry about.