Avatars — Welcome to the Digi-Physical

eli_, mario lopes sami, magnus

Vision Doc

We're looking for...

  • Designers for avatar and NFT designs
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    Design Doc
  • Someone with NFT dev/technical experience
  • People who know how to run a media campaign


Phase 1️⃣: Wearable without a "Wearer"

N 'first edition' Jerseys dropped to contributors, along with special claimable ones reserved for NBA players.

Design Jerseys
Decide on limited edition drop OR burn KRAUSE to mint.
If (a), then mint them.
If (b), need to drop KRAUSE and create a website to buy it.

Phase 2️⃣: Website to generate your avatar

Simple Next.js/React web app that connects to your wallet, gives you a few options to customize your avatar, and lets you "wear" your NFTs. Now, we have avatars to sport (but they themselves are not NFTs, just the wearables, i.e. still no "wearer")

Connect metamask
Site detects known NFTs, and provides a menu to equip your avatar, and set background, which adds that NFT to the avatar.
  • Note, generating the images is the hardest part.
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Phase 3️⃣: Can buy NFTs on website

Page to buy our NFTs

Phase 4️⃣: "The Digi-Physical"

Physical mirror goods of the NFT wearables, retrospectively drop merch.

Moving forwards, it's merch + nft store.

(Optional) Phase 5️⃣: Avatar as NFT

Create a "Wearer" NFT who can equip the wearable.

Wearable NFT Contract